Ambareesh-Sumalatha Love Story

How Ambareesh – Sumalatha Friendship Turned Into Love!

A typically brave and dashing identity and a candid individual grasped bachelorhood till he turned 39 years. The star who was viewed as a dynamic and a livewire amid his primes kept sets on toes at whatever point he answered to the shooting spot and it was in 1984 when Ambareesh’s life took a major turn.

Ahuthi, a Cinema in 1984 had the Rebel star Ambareesh as the male lead and had a newcomer in Kannada film, Sumalatha Naidu. Sumalatha was conceived in a Naidu family in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh in 1963 and made her introduction in 1979 with a Telugu film. She was at that point a star before she set her foot in the business with Ahuthi.

Ambareesh and Sumalatha were posts separated in their tendency and that helped the couple to unite themselves, voiced Sumalatha quite a long time ago in a meeting. Ambareesh was in every case loaded with sound and loaded up with richness who guaranteed that nobody was depressed with low vitality in sets amid a film shoot. On the complexity, Sumalatha was a mild-mannered individual who was saved to herself with a constrained discussion. She had once expressed that no Ambareesh’s shenanigans and fiery act could grab her eye as she was burning through the greater part of her off-screen time perusing books. She was at first somewhat troubled about working with the Rebel Star as there were numerous accounts doing rounds about his state of mind and conduct. This incited her to keep up a specific measure of separation from the star and set up companionship just at a restricted dimension. Nonetheless, them two built up a not too bad dimension of fellowship starting here onwards and it was in 1987, amid the shooting of New Delhi that the couple’s nearness became impressive and closer. Sumalatha’s temperament, which was without a run of the mill film big name, influenced Ambareesh to build up a solid enjoying towards the previous, declared Mrs. Ambareesh. It was in 1989 when Rebel Star made his aims unmistakable to the delightful performer lastly proposed in a remarkable way to Sumalatha.

Ambareesh had shared that he had composed a letter to the multi-dialect on-screen character, which perused, “Dissident in a bad position”, as the proposition expectation had gone very rushed. The blend of a noble female and an insubordinate and a dynamic male was a significant combine really taking shape and thus demonstrated that the contrary posts draw in one another. At long last, the lovebirds acknowledged their common love to one another and entered a wedlock in 1991 and drove a placated, favored and an amicable life for a range of more than 27 years.

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